You’ll be at the cutting edge of fitness

They’re quite simply at the heart of everything we do. Indeed, our fitness teams deal with people from all walks life and are rewarded by seeing them start to achieve their goals. It’s about working with the latest industry innovations, helping the future of fitness and seeing the seed you sow come to fruition. It’s also about listening to our members and making sure they genuinely enjoy the time they spend with us. A place where your ideas to improve the member experience will be welcomed, you’ll also be able to develop personally whilst breathing the Virgin Active core values (more about them later). OK, but what about the cons? Well, there’s some admin involved, but if you’re well-organised that won’t be a problem. Also, there will be times when you’ll need to put in extra hours to cope with the demand or cover for a colleague. But, if you have the right work ethic and enthusiasm, we think you’ll positively thrive.

Fitness Managers

Our fitness managers are not afraid of hard work, but at the same time they have fun and get rewarded well for doing a great job. They are people with a superb knowledge of the industry and an impressive track record of recruiting, developing, motivating and retaining high performing teams. The head honcho of the fitness department in your designated club, the welfare and aspirations of a team of fitness professionals, personal trainers and group exercise instructors will be well and truly in your hands. So, if are you’re bursting with energy and initiative, well organised under pressure and have a real flair for fitness programming, this could be for you.

Fitness Coaches

How would your clients describe you? Proactive and enthusiastic? A great motivator and real presence on the gym floor? Passionate about fitness and willing to do whatever it takes to help others to reach their goals? We hope so. We also hope that you’re a real people person who’s flexible in their approach and knows their stuff. That’s because we’ll be relying on you to make sure our fitness areas and activities are promoted and run effectively. Delivering inductions will be important too, not to mention seeing that the equipment in your club is maintained in line with Virgin Active brand standards. Up to the challenge?

Still with us? Clearly you have the experience and Virgin Activist attributes we’re looking for to shine in our Fitness team. Now take a look at our current vacancies. And, don’t worry if you can’t find anything in your area at present. Simply register your interest by completing the application process. After all, there may be something just round the corner very soon.

There's much more to Virgin Active than meets the eye. Indeed, the diversity of roles on offer at Virgin Active may well surprise you. Take a look behind the scenes and see what and who makes us tick.