Introducing Virgin Active Classic

Introducing Virgin Active Classic

Where exceptional service is a way of life

Virgin Active Classic Health Clubs offer a premium health and well-being experience. Our members expect the very best. And we make sure that is exactly what they get. We have pushed the boundaries and raised the bar to deliver a lifestyle and fitness environment that inspires, educates and encourages our members to reach and exceed their aspirations. It is a highly personalised service. A service we are dedicated to perfecting through continual innovation and consistently high standards.

Perfectionists with a passion for service

As Virgin Active Classic people, we pride ourselves on being smart in appearance, warm and friendly, but highly professional at all times. We have a positive can-do attitude and an innate ability to make our members and guests feel special at every stage of their journey through the club.

We have a passion for service. We do it, not because that is what is expected of us (though of course, it is), but because we enjoy working hard, we know what makes people tick and we like making them feel special. We are unselfish. Everything we do is to make the member experience the very best it can be. We treat others as we would like to be treated.

How it works

Put simply, exceeding expectations and going the extra mile is the norm here. So is developing an insight into each and every member and being aware of their needs. When someone arrives at Reception (whoever they may be), we make sure they are cordially acknowledged within 30 seconds. A guest in the Club Lounge never waits more than a minute before being served. We do not respond to a complaint with a tut or a frown; instead we thank the person making the complaint for raising the issue and quickly come up with a solution. We think on our feet. We tailor the service we provide to the individual. And when facing challenges, we never forget that we are part of a team that gets real satisfaction from doing a great job, and still has fun.

Now, we need people like you to rise to the challenge and play your part in ensuring each member's journey with us is nothing less than exemplary.

If you've got what to takes to work at one of our prestigious clubs, now's the time for action. From Fitness to Front of House, Cleaning to Club Management – you'll find the very latest vacancies at all ten of our Virgin Active Classic locations here.

An infinity pool; tennis courts; panoramic views; an exclusive City setting – our Classic Clubs each have their own unique features. But, as different as their locations and facilities might be, you'll always find the same meticulous high standards.