What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?

OK, you’ve got this far, and you like what you see. You’ve learnt all about Activeness™ and what it means. And, you believe you have what it takes to be a Virgin Activist. Now, it’s the moment of truth. Are you fit for Virgin Active? Can you tick all of these boxes?

Step 1 - The Application

By browsing this site, your journey to becoming a member of the Virgin Active team has clearly already started. The next step now is to search for live jobs in your local area and preferred job function by clicking the Search Jobs link and following our user-friendly, online application process. Once received, your application will be reviewed by our hiring managers and / or our in-house team of recruitment specialists and measured against the core Virgin Activist behaviours and the essential requirements of the role. If you’re successful, we’ll contact you to arrange a short telephone interview. If you’re not short-listed at this stage, we’ll email you to let you know, but please don’t be despondent, fresh opportunities are posted daily.

Step 2 - The Interview

Initially, we’ll have a chat over the phone, during which we’ll ask a few pertinent questions to learn a little more about you and draw out more evidence of those Activist behaviours we’re looking for. Then, assuming all goes well, you’ll be invited to attend either a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager at the club or one of our support offices or one of our exciting V-Factor Assessment Days.

From Belfast to Bristol, Glasgow to Glamorgan. Fitness to Front of House, Cleaning to Club Management. Wherever you are and whatever it is, the chances are we've got an opportunity that matches your career aspirations.

There's much more to Virgin Active than meets the eye. Indeed, the diversity of roles on offer at Virgin Active may well surprise you. Take a look behind the scenes and see what and who makes us tick.


Getting a job with Virgin Active is no easy task. We receive, on average, 125 applications every day. That’s nearly 4,000 every month! Clearly, we don’t have enough jobs to go round to keep everyone happy. But, we always try to be fair, courteous and prompt with the process. So, if you are unsuccessful first time round, don’t worry, there’s always next time. With 117 health clubs nationwide, fresh opportunities are posted daily and you can register to be one of the first to know when a suitable role comes up.