Group Exercise

Group Exercise

Never mind the gremlins, feel the group love

Creating an electric atmosphere and seeing people have a great time as a group. Knowing that you're helping others achieve something that means a lot to them. Having access to brilliant equipment and facilities and being encouraged to think outside the box about the exercise we deliver. What's not to love? And, you'll experience all of this and more when you join one of our Group Exercise teams. Yes, it can be tiring work, not to mention frustrating at times when maybe the attendance numbers are small or a bit of kit decides to stop working. But, the relationships you'll build with everyone around you, coupled with the satisfaction of having done a really great job, will more than make up for the gremlins in the equipment or the lengths you went to get the choreography right or find a particular piece of music.

Group Exercise Managers

If you're a dab hand at scheduling group exercise programmes, we think you'll fit right in at Virgin Active. Working closely with a Fitness Manager, you'll organise classes in our studios and pool and on the gym floor at times that suit both the club and its members' needs, What's more, we'll look to you to recruit, train, motivate and evaluate the very best Group Exercise Instructors. Listening to and responding to feedback regarding class scheduling, the instruction given and the environment provided will be important too. And, you'll even get to deliver some classes yourself. So, if you have the relevant fitness qualifications and certificates, excellent instructing skills and a flair for developing an array of 'must go to' group exercise classes, we definitely should talk.

Group Exercise Instructors

When it comes to group exercise instruction, do you stand out from the crowd? Have you got what it takes to motivate and inspire people from all walks of life to reach their own unique goals? Then Virgin Active is the place to be. Responsible for taking group exercise classes for members over the age of 16 that take place in the club, you'll need to know your stuff and have a real passion for fitness. You'll be a Group Exercise Ambassador too. That means you'll be happy to spread the word about the latest innovations in the industry and the activities going on within your particular club. Flexible, proactive and always happy to do whatever it takes to get the job done, above all, it's your unbridled enthusiasm and flair for getting a group buzzing that will see you thrive.

Still with us? Clearly you have the experience and Virgin Activist attributes we're looking for to shine in our Group Exercise team. Now take a look at our current vacancies. And, don't worry if you can't find anything in your area at present. Simply register your interest by completing the application process. After all, there may be something just round the corner very soon.

There's much more to Virgin Active than meets the eye. Indeed, the diversity of roles on offer at Virgin Active may well surprise you. Take a look behind the scenes and see what and who makes us tick.